Saturday, 8 January 2022

What Am I Looking At?

from the air, a mass of white in the English countryside,

getting closer,

in this wooded area of Lincolnshire,

you can see that they are manakins, thousands of them,

welcome to Mannakin—a Midlands mannequin distributor frequented by a wide array of clientele like merchandisers, film crews, and Halloween devotees—where visitors spend 15 minutes scouring its meters-high pile of discarded forms for, none other than, body parts, in the time that costs £50.00 you can fill your car with as many manakins as you want,

just one part of the company’s business model, which involves saving the used fiberglass displays from landfills and returning them to the retail ecosystem, they like windfarm turbine blades that need to be replaced after every 10 years would normally go to a landfill,

English YouTuber and educator Tom Scott walks through the staggering heap in a recent video and talks with director Roz Edwards, who’s amassed about 25,000 figures from locations all over Europe that are now scattered across the property. The short documentary project dives into the company’s process for revitalizing worn arms, legs, and torsos and confronts the strange, surreal environment created when thousands of lifeless bodies occupy a single space, and as Roz mentions in the above video, there is a special Halloween walk, which I could guess would be really scary dairy!

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