Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Most Of Us Can Rely On Friends,

and for many of us, even more so on family members,

except Santosh Halpati, who ran for the position of Sarpanch in the Chharwala village of Vapi district, in Gujarat, India, he was not really expecting to win, with only 12 close family members who were eligible to vote plus his own, but neither the less he tried, but you can imagine his disappointment at the counting of the votes, he had only one, his own! of his own close family members who were eligible to vote, they either do not bother to cast a ballot or chose to vote for someone else, the middle-aged man broke down near the counting center when he heard the news, “Elections come and go,” Santosh was quoted as saying by Times Now. “But I got just one vote.. even my family did not vote for me.” I know that voting is a personal thing and that family members should vote with their conscience, but I would have thought that at least one would have voted for him, but there it is.

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