Wednesday, 5 January 2022

First Thing,

I was out to meet Steve, 

it was a cold wet day,

grey skies and raining, Steve picked me up at the snail mail box, we went to the shop to pick up our RO water, arriving home Steve called in for a coffee and a chat, 

in the afternoon it was time for Diana to go to work, we both walked to the bus stop, Diana off to work, for myself,

I had to call into Boots the chemist, my medication had changed after the doctor had seen my blood pressure results, and had prescribed Lercanidipine, so starting tomorrow Lercanidipine it is then, in a couple of weeks time I will send my doctor some more blood pressure tests, to see what effect the medication has,

next stop Lidl, to buy some spiced rum and something for us tomorrow evening,

arriving back in the park, Rudolph has returned to Finland for his summer break,

I made my way home for my evening meal, just as a Lewis was finishing Diana arrived home, after her evening meal it was feet up for,

The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power, it had us both laughing so often! I had not realised that the art of making 'B' movies was still alive and well! allegedly the film is supposed to be sort of serious, but for us it is just so funny, and not in the bits that were supposed to be, exactly how 'B' movies should be, it reminded me so much of a favorite 'B' movie of mine, 

many may not have heard of Clive James, but for myself he was in a league of his own when it came to critics and presenters, as far as I am concerned he was way ahead of all of the other critics of the period, above is his critic of the Wild Women Of Wongo, the acting in the film clip which is in the above video has to be seen to be believed! after the Scorpion finished, we were off to bed. 


jpo5626 said...

Hi Stan-damn blood pressure. I noticed at your Christmas Party with Steve and group you were bright red in the pictures. I did comment to Alley, Stan looks like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer only your whole face!
I know one of your Thai friends mentioned a comment about 9 months ago about the same issue so we are glad you have taken action with your doctor for a new Rx. Always hell getting old but bright side is they now have medicines to deal with most issues. We will continue to monitor from Texas your color to insure you come back into balance.
Small world now with the internet so know many reading care as well regarding your well-being. Stay safe with Covid and have fun. Our motto: Every good day is one less bad day and our goal is to have all good days. Take good care Stan…we care about you!
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, many thanks for your concern, "growing old is not much fun", as my mother would often say in her 80s, I am now beginning to believe her! the good news is that my doctor has prescribed the new medication, and as requested I will send him my blood pressure results after a couple of weeks taking them, best regards, Stan and Diana.