Wednesday, 5 January 2022

It Is The Year Of The Tiger,

and with that in mind here are some New Year cards from Japan,

New Year’s cards (nengajo) here are created by some of the many Japanese artists and designers, above watercolor painter Hiroki Takeda used a flora & fauna style to create this colorful tiger,

a very kawaii nengajo from illustrator parico,

his illustration from designer Haruka Aramaki is a take on the Japanese fable “Ikkyu-san and the Tiger”,

a really cute one from Bento Graphics who always come up with the cutest gifs!

a ferocious card from illustrator Hisao Ohmae,

a very minimal card by designer Sho Shibuya, (created for his parents),

I just had to finish on a  anime-inspired card, this one is from LACK, I have said it before and here it is again, Happy New Year!

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