Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Many Rivers/Straits Change The Direction Of Flow,

due to a number of reasons,

 a change in the tide, or sometimes at different seasons of the year, but not at the same time, unlike the waterway above which flows south into the Sea of Marmara and thence into the Aegean/Mediterranean and at the same time flows north into the Black Sea, so how can this be? local boatmen know that the surface current flows south into the Sea of Marmara, if they want to take a boat north, they can lower a bucket of rocks on a long rope to the bottom, where the northward current of seawater is located; it will carry the bucket north and thus tow their boat on the surface, there is a scientific explanation at Wikipedia, apparently it is all to do with water density, fresh water travelling one way, heavier salt water traveling in the opposite direction, how amazing is that? the above image, credit: NASA Earth Observatory, is of the Bosphorus also known as the Strait of Istanbul.

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