Saturday, 10 July 2010

We Had A Busy Day Today,

Mr. Tony had just arrived back from the UK,
so we caught up on the latest news and gossip from there,
after he left and a few cups of tea later we popped into Friendship, salad tonight so we had to pick up some beetroot, also today Phil called round, he arrived today, the good news was that the panel at the front of his run around had been repaired, so a few moments work and it should look as good as new, just as Phil was leaving Mick and Mass called by as well,
by now it was time to pop along to the Friday night market,
we arrived just as the last of the stalls were setting up,
Diana buying a new skirt, 120 baht,
new skirt purchased, now she is looking for a jacket, when we are on the motorbike she always covers up to stop her skin from going brown,
a short jacket, complete with the second hand 'frayed' look, it always amazes me that some fashion conscious people will pay top dollar for a brand new pair of jeans that have been stone washed and look like they are 10 years old, what is wrong with them looking new? there are even sites on the web telling you how to make your new jeans look old! I guess it is a kids thing,
the latest croup of cabbage patch dolls, have to say it but they look a bit scary to me,
then along to the fish shop, a novel way to hide two speakers, put a round fish tank on top of them and pretend they are a table,
a small marine aquarium,
when we arrived back at the bar Mick and Mass were already there, so we settled down for a couple of beers,
'Cheers!' from all of us,
then home for my Scotch egg and ham salad,
whilst eating my evening meal Diana treated me to a fashion show, which was the nicest jacket? the one with lots of pockets,
the cool white one,
or the yellow number? we will see next time we go out on the bike,
we stated watching this in the afternoon, Fred Dibnah's Made In Britain, it was Fred Dibnah's last series before he died from cancer in November 2004, He was determined to finish this, despite suffering from the cancer and he achieved it, he embarks on a journey around Britain in his newly-restored 1912 Aveling and Porter traction engine, in search of engineering skills and technology from a bygone age although we had seen it before it was still good watching it again, absolutely fascinating,
then in a change of mood The Pianist, it is the true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman, at the time Poland's most acclaimed pianist whose life is transformed during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw beginning in 1939, the film spans several years and maps his many personal trials in addition to providing the perspectives of his family, rebel factions and sympathizers, brilliantly directed by Roman Polanski, then off to bed.


Jil Wrinkle said...

Hi Stan!

I notice you are drinking beer now, whereas you used to say you were not allowed to drink beer because of its sugar content.

What brought about this change?

PattayaStan said...

Dear Jil, I do have the occasional beer, but I go for the San Miguel light which some one told me has less sugar, also the bar we go to on the Friday night market only serves beer or soft drinks, the down side is that the beer does seem to add a few inches around the waist, or it might be that wardrobe I have that shrinks clothes overnight! best regards, Stan and Diana.