Thursday, 29 July 2010

First Thing In The Morning,

Mr Tony called in for a drink and a chat, soft drink first then some coffees, we talked about the price of air tickets and that some airlines are doing special deals for a short time to the Philippines, then off to Friendship for some shopping, luckily the people collecting 'tea money' were having a late start,
next stop the pet/fish shop, but first a look at the dog homes Diana likes, I think she might want to get one for me!
the aquariums were more than a little bit dirty today,
the reason we called in was that one of the air pumps had stopped working, I thought I would have to buy a new one,
but for 60 baht it could be repaired, a new diaphragm was needed, so we just wandered around waiting for the repair,
a water feature,
with a nice flowering alba water lily,
along the front of the shop are these concrete ponds with fish in them, well of course after waiting for ever the pump was still not repaired so I bought a new one any way, I will pick the repaired one up tomorrow,
time for our night out, we always take the Secrets taxi, Diana looking lovely in her new dress a present From Epril in the Philippines,
to Cherry's it is buffet night on Wednesdays,
a slight Mr. Gravity moment at the table, but luckily missing her dress,
a fabulous selection of starters,
but first the salad bar,
Diana looking as lovely as ever,
starters for me included prawns and avocado, chicken slices with hard boiled egg, smoked salmon, potato salad and beetroot,
after her starters Diana went for some of the many main courses,
but the starters called me back! slices of roast beef, crab stick salad, pate and parma ham wrapped melon plus a few more,
Diana settled for spaghetti bolognese and meat balls,
then on to the desserts,
fresh fruit for Diana,
mini fruit salad, apple strudel and a raspberry thingy for me, all in all for us great value for money including corkage for our wine 900 baht, the good news is that the next morning I still feel so full I can skip breakfast,
I mentioned before that Diana does not like black and white films, as if to prove me wrong we watched Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, she really enjoyed it! especially the telephone conversation between the President of the United States and Demetri, the Russian president, so much has been said about this film and parade by so many others, but for me Slim Pickings steals the show, who in real life was bareback bronc rider; saddle bronc rider; rodeo clown and bullfighter, that was not of course his real name but as a piece of trivia before becoming an actor, Slim was riding on the rodeo circuit, someone told him that he should take up another line of work because all he would ever get in the rodeo was "Slim Pickin's," his real name was Louis Bert Lindley Jr, then a few more of The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, first The Superfluous Finger, a lady begs a doctor to remove one of her fingers, to deceive, but who? then Anonymous Letters, blackmail most foul in the higher circles of nobility, then off to bed.

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