Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Another Quiet Day For Us,

and a slight hangover from Sunday night,
first thing Mr. Tony called round for a cup of tea and a chat, then after he left it was upstairs,
to add some ground cover to some of the patches I missed first time round,
a 50/50 mix of water soluble wood glue and water is applied to the bald or uncovered patches of plaster,
it is surprising how much I missed the first time round,
once applied I lightly mist the fine turf to keep it in place when I spray on the glue,
and another dab of glue here and there,
then a case of letting it all dry,
I have also applied a little glue between the tracks in front of the rock face,
and above the tunnel entrance to attach some of the courser ground cover,
for me it is starting to look a bit better,
more course ground cover leading up to one of the tunnels,
things starting to take shape, the green of the ground cover looks a bit bright in between the tracks but in life it tones down a bit, tomorrow more course ground cover, if I can find the time!
then feet up, pork chop, bacon wrapped carrots with home fries and a glass of medicinal wine,
then a real visual comedy, Superhero Movie, the greatest Superhero movie of all time! (not counting all the others), the plot, if there is one, centers around orphaned high school student Rick Riker who is bitten by a radioactive dragonfly, develops super powers (except for the ability to fly), and becomes a hero, so many sight gags, if you are into slapstick comedy this is for you,
then an evening of The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, set in the same period the premise is that Sherlock Holmes had as the title suggests many rivals, the difference being not all of his rivals had their clients best interest at heart, certainly in the case of The Assyrian rejuvenator the client was well and truly short changed, a great Thames series which was rewarded with a Best Design BAFTA in 1972, another great thing is the number of actors that we see in this series and then try to identify them when we see them in a series filmed in 2008/9, they have of course aged nearly 40 years! then off to bed.

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