Thursday, 29 July 2010

You Can Rely On Two Things In The UK,

our unreliable weather forecasts and over zealous council officials, most of my summer family days out consisted of dad checking the oil and air pressure in the car and mum packing buckets and spades, umbrellas, a wind break and sun cream, but it appears wind breaks are now banned, why? as two council officials from Bristol decided that a wind break was semi-permanent structure, the daring duo raced across Clifton Downs in their council 4 X 4 to stop the outbreak of lawlessness as the Hacker family and a Continental friend enjoyed their day out, Mr Hacker said: 'one of them asked who had erected the 'semi-permanent structure', 'are you on about the windbreak?' I said, He said that windbreaks weren't allowed due to the bye laws on the Down, one of them gave me a leaflet about the bye laws and it said you weren't allowed to put up tents or a gazebo, but it didn't say anything about windbreaks, 'both my family and I were shocked to be informed that we were breaking the law, I think they were being very strict,' Mr Hacker, 41, of Melbury Road, was told what made the windbreak "semi-permanent" was the fact that stakes had been driven into the ground to secure it, so the family did as they were told and took it down, 'we took the windbreak down and it was so windy our paper plates and serviettes were blowing everywhere, we didn't want to leave a mess as that would be breaking the law as well, so we packed up and drove home,' anyone contravening the bye laws, which also ban driving cars on the grass and lighting fires, could get a fixed penalty or a maximum fine of £500 if the case goes to court, I wonder if the driver of the council 4 X 4 had written permission to drive over the downs?
I think this cartoon from the Mail nicely sums up some council law enforcers, I also wonder if the young lad has got permission to fly the Union Jack.

but then a moment of sanity from the council, a city council spokesman said: 'We apologise to the gentleman and his family, clearly there needs to be discretion when enforcing the bye laws of the Downs,' better late then never!

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