Monday, 5 July 2010

We Woke Up To Torrential Rain,

apart from that a nice Sunday morning, the good news was that by midday it had stopped and there were patches of blue sky showing through, so off to the Robins nest for our Sunday lunch, the downside was that as most roads over are made the drain is in the center of the road, so when it rains the water runs to the side of the road where it makes deep pools, so wet feet and shoes are guaranteed!
Diana by the carvery, I had to stop the lady carving the food every time, she wanted to give me three slices of meat, but that would have been too much, two were more than adequate,
'Cheers!' from me with a medicinal red wine, the meal as always here was superb and great value for money, soup, all you can eat carvery and ice cream 199 baht,
next stop Friendship, by now the sun was almost out and the water drying up,
then some fresh mangoes at the roadside stall for later in the evening,
we watched a couple of movies that we had seen before during the day, then as it was Sunday time to hit the town, we used to go out on a Wednesday, but as Juu is only in Champions at the weekend we have changed our evening out to Sunday, Diana was all in red tonight, red shoes and top,
with matching necklace, earrings and bracelet,
first stop of the evening Lollipop to see Grieg, this is where he helps out now, I had completely forgotten the date, it was not till we walked in I realized it was 4th of July, there were red, white and blue balloons everywhere, also some of Grieg's sloppy Joe's along with chicken legs, potato salad and sandwiches, I was still full from lunch, but that did not stop Diana from tucking in, in fact she liked the sloppy Joe's so much she had a second helping! whilst there the owner Mark called in, we had meet him before at Geoff and Da's condo in the Royal Cliff, Hi! to you both if you are reading this,
then over the road literally to see Juu in Champions, also there we bumped into Brian and Sal, about midnight we made our way home Diana wanted to watch some 'Stanley' as she now calls Victor Meldrew in One Foot In The Grave, a couple of episodes then off to bed.

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