Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Next Post Is About How Greedy Councils Save Money,

this post is about how they could make it! take a street say Little Quay Street in Manchester city centre, where there was unrestricted parking park your Peugeot 206 and enjoy a bit of shopping, come back to find your car has been lifted so that double yellow lines have been painted under it, now wait for it, you have then been ticketed for parking on double yellow lines! Manchester City Council hoisted 338 vehicles last year to paint lines or carry out resurfacing work, affected motorists have been "angered" by finding tickets on their cars, well yes I can see that, Manchester City Council spokeswoman said that it had asked NSL ( parking enforcement contractor) to stop putting tickets on the windscreens of cars that have been lifted during line painting, She said: "We understand that the ticket has to be issued to send a message to other NSL staff not to issue tickets, but the sight of a yellow ticket on a windscreen has worried and angered innocent car owners." an NSL spokesman said: "In busy city centre areas, it is more practical to hoist cars than to put up signs explaining that the road must be kept clear," any way good news that the owners are not finned, but what a great way to make a few bob!

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