Thursday, 8 July 2010

Up Early And On To The Blog,

we are off to Bangkok for the day,
but back to yesterday, off to the bank again, I just do not know where the money goes!
the good news was that some of the supplies I was waiting for to continue working on the train set had arrived,
so I spent the day upstairs, the left hand 'mountain' was going to get its first coat of 'grass' today,
so cover the already painted green bits with glue,
the glue is a mixture of 50/50 water based wood glue and water plus a few drops of washing up liquid to help it mix,
then a sprinkle of dark grass,
not an operation to do on a windy day,
then a dusting of lighter green over the other areas,
till the desired effect is roughly achived, I say roughly as this needs to be redone to cover some of the bald patches,
but the overall effect is starting to look good,
then application of glue to seal the lose grass in place,
and the finished effect, still a few patches to be redone but that will be done over the next few days,
then sit down for shepherds pie and a glass of wine,
first for the evening was Doc Martin, On the Edge, it was going to be a series, but the cast was not available for a long enough time in 2006 for an entire series to be filmed, so a 2-hour special was made instead, the film is about group of birdwatchers descending on the village in search of a rare bird, plus a mad man welding a gun, I could almost believe the writer had seen a favorite feel good movie that I like Rare Birds, following that we watched Midsomer Murders", The Straw Woman, but now I have to go as it is 06.30 and the taxi is here.

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