Friday, 9 July 2010

As I Mentioned Yesterday,

we were off to the Bangkok live fish market, we were also hoping to meet Joe, but with pressure of work we did not meet up, but arrived to a very quiet JJ Shopping mall at Chat a Chok (spelt as it sounds) market, mainly to allow for traffic we left at 06.30 but it did not open till 10.00 so we arrived before most of the traders! above is a view of the market looking down from the car park, as we arrived on the first floor we were greeted by one of the shops that had made it's way into the shopping Mall,
then down a half flight of stairs into the market proper, there are so many shops here, selling fish to the public in ones and twos, along with wholesalers selling by the tens, twenties or hundreds in a bag,
but first a little refreshment, ice cold water melon,
we started at the 'road' end of the market, lots of food sellers there,
the other three sides of the market do not have roads marking the boundary, the goods change from fish to say plants,
garden plants I should have said, aquatic ones like these are all over the place,
first stop for a few clown loach,
in the same store I noticed these so called 'butterfly' koi, so named because of their long flowing fins,
some of the tanks were packed with fish, far higher stocking levels than you would see in the UK,
I was really interested in this shop, there is a demand for coral as decoration in aquariums, well this place has some of the most realistic artificial coral I have yet seen, though I have to say not the bright ones at the front but the more sober coloured ones deeper into the store,
we have now, buying fish on the way, walked into the wholesale section, fish already bagged up ready to go,
the area was huge and busy,
a few blue/black and some orange tiger barbs from here,
prices and descriptions are in Thai and English,
this shop had a nice few different varieties of rainbow fish,
we then walked through to another section past some bonsai trees, (I will not do the bonsai joke again!),
past the market shrine,
and into another section, it has aisles like this one crisscrossing it,
this is a shop called All Fish, they normally have a good selection here, again this time they did not disappoint,
me, lost in a world of my own, I totally lose track of time when I am wandering around the fish market,
then back to Pattaya when I noticed this in front of me in the taxi, was it The Eric?
then time to start acclimatising the fish to their new surroundings,
next bag of fish please,
carefully and in they go,
then to the food stalls for our evening meal,
whilst waiting for the soup I was having a look around when I spotted this,
normally the fish are just placed on a grill, but this one had a motor which slowly turned them around,
the back of the soup stall,
next stop the open air market for some fresh fruit,
new for this week, the old chimney was falling apart so this is the new replacement,
Diana with bananas and fresh fruit for later tonight,
first a bit of light comedy with Mars Attacks, the basic plot is that the Earth is invaded by Martians with irresistible weapons and a cruel sense of humor, for me another unusual film from Tim Burton, but I just love the facial expressions on the Martians,
then the last of One Foot In The Grave, this was series six, I have not made a link to the show in case you want to watch it, I knew he died in the last episode but I did not know how, so I will not spoil it for you, joking aside it was quite sad to see how characters that have almost become part of the household, with their catch phrases, finally come to rest and how those that are left behind cope, then so to bed.

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