Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me,

all together now!

yes it is that time of the year again 64 years old, hopefully the next 64 will as good as the first 64, so on to today, one of the cactus had a flower,

 which looked nice, it is a pity they only last for a day or so,

 there was also a bud on one of the others,

 it was also time to give the fish a water change, this is the aquarium that takes the time,

 but this one is plumbed in, so just sit back and watch it drain and refill,

 the fish seem to enjoy the water change,

 the tiger barbs, (Puntius tetrazona)          

 and cardinal tetras, (Paracheirodon axelrodi) racing around,

 even the rummy nose tetras (Hemigrammus rhodostomus) made a showing,

we were not going to go out, there are so many people out here throwing water for the next several days travelling around can be a problem unless you can park right out side where you are going to eat, but we changed our mind and by using back roads and so avoiding going past any bars where water was being thrown we arrived safe and dry at the Punch and Judy

 Diana ordered a chicken wrap for her starter,

and very nice it looked too,

 prawn cocktail for myself,

 which was delicious,

 for our main courses Diana chose a lasagne that she really enjoyed,

 for myself a steak,

 with vegetables,

 then the dessert,

 new for the Punch and Judy,

a chocolate mousse, covered in  chocolate whirls, but notice the two spoons, we were both so full we decided to share the dessert, but to be honest it was so nice I think we could have both eaten one each! diet start tomorrow, well it was my birthday, next home and feet up to watch a Midsomer Murder a couple from Bones, and then we were off to bed.

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