Tuesday, 11 December 2018

If You Are Familiar With This Drawing,

then you might be a fan of,

M. C. Escher, whose drawing, Relativity, has intrigued so many, but could this fantastical building be made?

 well Shenzhen-based architecture firm Studio10 renovated the existing rooms at ‘The Other Place’ guesthouse in Guilin, giving half the rooms a ‘maze’ theme with deep forest green walls and the other half a ‘dream’ theme in soft pink and white,

 the surreal staircases stretch up the walls, taking advantage of the impressive ceiling height, occasionally, there really is something at the end of them – a door, or a loft – though even the doors aren’t quite what they seem,

 what is so clever is the seamless way 2D gives way to 3D and then back again,

 from the architects, “All components from the reality world such as lighting fixtures and electronic appliances have been concealed behind a series of black-painted doors, maintaining the pristine, chimerical nature of the space,” they say of the pink “dream” rooms,

 “In the other forest-green-themed room, anti-gravitational stairs lead to golden doors, behind which there could be a trail leading to a secret forest – or some other unexpected findings that surprises you.”

 what a magical place,

and what a fitting tribute to such a great artists.

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