Thursday, 20 December 2018

We Had A Quiet Day,

at home,

I sanded down the holes where a few pictures that the tenant had left needed filling, and also the ones where the entry telephone had been moved and applied a tad more filler, so hopefully painting tomorrow, we watched a few game shows in the afternoon, but in the evening we were out, we were going to pick up our membership card, which we were told would be ready to pick up on Monday, Tuesday at the latest, so as today was Wednesday we thought we would pick it up today and eat in the Beckenham Cricket Club, but you know our luck, the card was nowhere to be found, the club had taken our money and not bothered to issue our card, but luckily the same person that we gave our membership fee to on Sunday was there, and he issued the card to us, why he could not have done that on Sunday is a mystery, as I mentioned we were going to have our evening meal there, but there was a social function on, a meal was being prepared for 60 or so club members so that was that, 'always have a plan 'B' Dave',

and we did, off to O'Neil's we went,

where Diana ordered, 

 this enormous beef burger, 

 it was huge,

 and for myself, a steak and chips,

 eyes down, 

 and time to tuck in!

 a lovely meal, we walked back from O'Neil's, arriving home it was time for a movie, 

so feet up for In Time, set in the future, time is not only money, it is life, engineered to stop aging and to die at 25 years old, you have to work to buy time, or die, an interesting concept, no welfare state, no work no life, and with that we were off to bed.

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