Sunday, 23 December 2018

Out For A Bit Of Shopping,

a few final bits and pieces,

 before Christmas, so off through the park,

 to both Marks and Spencer and Waitrose, both of which were packed with shoppers, 

arriving home it was time to play with Diana's tray of succulents,

 Diana had decided on blue gravel, so on it went,

with a sprinkling of gold flecks, in the afternoon we watched a few quiz shows, Tipping Point and a couple of The Chase, one a pre-Christmas special with celebrities in, none of which we knew or recognized, but the we do not watch any of the soap series, like Coronation Street, Eastenders et al, after our evening meal Steve and Kai called in with an apple pie that we both had bought in Costco, it was huge so we both had a half each,

after we said our farewells and a few games of cribbage, it was time for our evening film, so Outlaw King it was then, lavishly done, it had the feel of an epic, but somehow it was not, it was hugely watchable in any event, and with that we were off to bed.

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