Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Christmas Morning,

started with me looking at the sunrise,

  and the red vapor trails,

 that passing aircraft had left in the morning sky,

 a quick walk round,

 to the home of Steve and Kai,

 where the girls posed with presents,

 under the tree,

 Kai with some of hers,

 a quick look at the turkey, and all was well,

 back to the drinks,

 after a few sherries,

  it was bubbly time,

 easy does it,

 just right,

 and 'Cheers!', for a merry Christmas,

  after Steve's mother arrived so did Jeap,

 who was welcomed with a glass of bubbly from Kai,

 well we all had one,

 Jeap and Kai,

 so we started our Christmas lunch, first smoked salmon, prawns and salad, plus roasted pork slices with crackling, and mini mince pies,

 for the main course, turkey, pigs in blankets, onion rings, roasted potatoes,

 turkey stuffing of course,

  and vegetables, sprouts, beans, carrots, and roasted parsnips,

 Kai did the honors with the turkey,

 there was so much to eat,

 and it all look and was so nice,

 Kai was slicing turkey for everyone,

 and was good at it as well, 

 a quick picture of our meal,

 then time for a break,

 a present break,

 lots of excitement,

 especially from me, I just love gathering like this, well I think we all do,

 Kai had a surprise present from Diana, and she was!

and from Steve, Kai had a handbag,

  I was still struggling with mine,

  another for Kai,


 coffee for Steve, which we know he loves, 

  Kai investigates her handbag,

 whilst I open a card,  

 another port had its effect on me,

 I nodded off, disgraceful! but there it is, it just goes to show how contented and happy I was,

 next the Christmas pudding,

  which Kai, 

  lit up with a touch of brandy,

Christmas pud and brandy butter,

 to go with mince pies, what better way to round off the meal, 

 then time to relax, chat,

 and have a selfie or three taken,

later in the evening we all left, we thanked Steve and Kai for putting up with us, it was a perfect day for all of us, we walked back home where it was feet up for a few Cinzano Bianco,

 as we watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, to round off our Christmas Day, and with the end of that we were off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stan, I am trying to find Nick and Maureen, do you know where and how they are?
We had many good times in the bar and I'm trying to catch up with them. Hope you can help.

PattayaStan said...

Dear Anonymous, we do not normally reply to anonymous comments but as yours is about Nick and Maureen, this is what we know, in our move over here we lost the piece of paper hat had their UK details on it, Nick was taken ill in thailand and they decided to relocate in the UK, we have their email address but the area they now live in does not have Internet available, sorry we could not be of much help, best regards Stanley and Diana.