Saturday, 8 December 2018

It Was Cold Wet And Windy,

as I made my way to the post box,

 so then back home, 

to await Currys/PC World to deliver the television, Blu ray player and soundbar, plus the installation service that we ordered 2 weeks or so ago, in the morning as promised the television arrived, in the afternoon we decided to track the other items, but were told by the online tracking service our order was fulfilled, so at 3.00 in the afternoon I called Currys/PC World to find out what had happened, I was put on hold, eventually I was answered, well it appears there are 2 sections to Currys/PC World, the big box section, that is they deliver large items and the small box section, that delivers everything else, the big box section had fulfilled their part of the order, so I was transferred to the small box section, who had no record for a delivery or set up service for us, the time, and I did time it, was now 3.55, waiting for 55 minuets the battery in my telephone had all but given up, off to Currys/PC World I went, when I arrived and explained the situation everyone was most apologetic, but the fact remains that we had been badly let down, and to make matters even worse the Blu ray player that we had ordered, when we looked at our bill had not been included! the visit to install the television, soundbar and player was rescheduled for next Monday, I just hope they turn up as promised, the good news was that I was offered 10% discount on the player that we thought we had already paid for, but as for service I wish we had gone to John Lewis!

now for a bit of fun, Diana loves playing with her telephone and as Christmas is so near above is a little ditty she has made, (they may take a little time to load and you may have to click on the video twice),

and here is another one, great fun, 

after our by now late evening meal after I returned from Currys/PC World, we watched a few game shows, followed by two more episodes of The Alienist, which it has to be said was excellent, gruesome but excellent, the story, the sets everything, on the IMDB web site it scored a 7.8, I am really surprised it dd not score higher, 

we rounded the evening off with Hot Fuzz, and great fun it was too, so then for us we were of to bed.

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