Wednesday, 11 May 2022

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

as I am off early to visit Duncan,

back to Tuesday, the shops printer has decided to have a hissy fit, so Graham called and asked if I could print some returns labels as some goods were bring picked up from the shop, labels printed and I was on my way under the chestnut trees,

now in full flower, all set for the conker season,

into the shop where I had a chat with Graham and Carl then home,

as I entered the park I noticed that there should be a nice show of peonies soon,

the bluebells now finished,

but the rhododendron that I photograph half open yesterday was now in full flower,

although not too cold it was a tad overcast as I rounded the corner by the snail mail box,

I spent the afternoon and early evening copying the CDs I had bought last week onto my old telephone where I keep my music,

as I mentioned all of these were just 50 pence each, so I bought some that were from groups I knew, but did not have in my collection and others where I did not know the group, but the covers were interesting, well at 50 pence a time it was worth giving them a try,

after my evening meal a real treat, a documentary titled Escher: Journey Into Infinity, and it was a real treat, the film was mainly of quotes from the great man himself, and insights from two of his sons, as it happens I just love the work of Escher, and we have mentioned him many times on the blog, after that finished Diana arrived home, so a chat and feet up for a coffee as we watched a New Tricks followed by one from Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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