Wednesday, 4 May 2022

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

as first thing I am out early to visit Duncan,

back to Tuesday, we both left home together, Diana to go to work, for myself I had a cunning plan,

we walked under the horse chestnut trees,

 now in full flower, I think it will be bumper crop this year,

a quick pose by Foxgrove Lodge, then to the bus stop, Diana off to work, 

for myself a bus to Kingfisheries, where Carl, Graham and myself decided on which of the gift voucher designs to use was made, my cunning plan was after calling into the shop to finalise the vouchers, pick up a pension contribution certificate from Carl, call into our accountants to drop it off, catch a 227 to Bromley and exchange our CO2 soda water cylinder for a full one, pop into W. H. Smith and pick up some paper for the vouchers, and whilst in Bromley call into Lidl for a few bottles of spiced rum, then home and feet up, it all went well, at first,

in fact better than planned, I had always meant to call into the secondhand CD/record shop, so as I was walking past it I did, what a treasure trove, I bought a number of CDs for just 50 pence each, a number of them from groups or singers I had never heard of before, who knows what gems I might find, it is a gamble I know, but having done this before I have found a couple of groups I really do like, Eagle-Eye Cherry, the Dave Matthews Band to name just two, the visit to the CD shop was an ad hoc addition to the cunning plan,

next stage of the plan, 227 to Bromley's market Square,

past Primark,

and rounding the corner,

into Lakeland to exchange our soda water cylinder,

then it all went a bit mustang, into W. H. Smiths to buy some glossy paper for the vouchers, but the assistant did not know if the reverse side of the paper could be written on for the staff in the shop to sign the voucher, I was discreetly advised to try Ryman down the street who might know, 

so past the Churchill Theatre,

to Ryman where the assistant assured me that the back of the photopaper could be written on,

back into the High Street, for the last part of my cunning plan, 

call into Lidl for a few bottles of spiced rum then home, except they had sold out of spiced rum! my cunning plan out of the window, again, just my luck, so instead of getting off of the 354 near the park, I stayed on it until I was in Beckenham at the Lidl bus stop, rum in stock, bottles purchased so back home to the park,

where some work was taking place, the cricket club had arranged for the cutting back of the hedge at the rear of the tennis courts,

it had not been cut back for years, meaning that pedestrians increasingly had to use the grass verge to walk on, trampling the spring flowers, and yes there is someone at the top of the hedge

the chaps working there were doing sterling work,

what a difference trimming back the hedge has made to the pathway, well done chaps! home and feet up for a couple of quiz shows, then a episode of Midsomer Murder during which Diana arrived home,

we decided to watch Red 2, we had watched the film before but it was great fun to see it again,

especially a sterling performance from John Malkovich as Carmen Miranda! by now it was past the midnight hour, so for us we were off to bed.

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