Thursday, 12 May 2022

Another Day Of Only One Post,

as it is Diana's day off and we are out early,

back to Wednesday, I was out early to visit Duncan,

what a change from yesterday, grey cloudy skies and a bit chilly,

into the station,

the foot bridge still sans floor, I changed trains at Bromley South,

several stops later I arrived at Sevenoaks,

where the bee garden was receiving some TLC,

round the bend in the road,

and up the hill,

to the nursing home where Duncan stays, but, it all went downhill from there, as I arrived at his room it was being cleared out, apparently he had been moved at his families request to a new nursing home, but regrettably his family did not mention it to any of his friends, the administrator had the new address and looked at how I could get there, it was not good, from Sevenoaks I would have to retrace my steps to south London, tube across to north London then 2 trains and one bus to the new home, with the thought of doing that and then still having to get back home to Beckenham I decide to just go back home for the day and see him next week,

on the way back I stopped and had a chat with the two ladies that were looking after the bee garden,

and here they are, there are in fact two other ladies that help out in maintaining the garden, and nice it looks too, it is a shame I will not be this way again to see it, a big 'Well Done' to all concerned, it is appreciated so much,

I arrived at Ravensbourne, up the steps,

and out into the park,

it had started to lightly rain, so straight home,

having said that I had not seen this sign before,

turn left where the path finished,

and up Crab Hill,

the woodlands on my right where the bluebells are,

down the other side 

and on to the road home, thankfully the rain held off until I was inside, in the afternoon I called Steve, Rainham Steve and Alan to give them the news that Duncan had moved, in case they decided to pop in to see him,

Diana was on early shift today and was home in the afternoon, so a cooked meal this evening, but first a read and a sherry,

for tonight a gammon ham with egg,

we are both looking forward to Diana's day off tomorrow,

for dessert sticky toffee pudding with fresh cream, yummy! we watched a Lewis followed by a New Tricks and a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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