Tuesday, 10 May 2022

A Question,

what is the purpose of this building?

a few clues, it is in the Tengger Desert of Inner Mongolia,

it is 10 kilometers from the nearest road, just in case you ever find yourself roaming through the massive Tengger Desert (36,700 square kilometers), and want to visit the world’s most remote post office, you can find it at 38.413°N north latitude and 105.225°E east longitude, yes it is the world’s most remote post office!

the post office abandoned 35 years ago was brought back to life by Ms. Zhang and her friend, Luo Meng, both of whom had to convince a few other people to help them rebuild it. At first, they planned to build a wooden structure and transport it into the desert, but that proved too difficult to pull off, so they ended up transporting the building materials there and building the shack on the spot, which took 20 days to complete,

after building the structure, they filed an application with China Post, and after review, the wooden shack became one of the post offices in China. Every day, letters and postcards are written here, adorned with the post’s special desert-themed stamp, transported 10 km to the nearest road, from where they are picked up by a post truck and then sent all over the world, over 20,000 letters and postcards were sent from the Desert Post Office in the month of December 2021 alone. And it was all thanks to the efforts of Ms. Zhang, one of the people involved in the revitalization of the post office. After pouring her heart and soul into the project, she was faced with the heart breaking reality of seeing her work ignored due to its remote location, but with determination she succeeded in bring the post office back to life, what an amazing come back for the long dead post office, images via Desert Post Office.

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