Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Three Or Four Years Ago,

we watched this film,

 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, and scary it was too, we had watched it before, and this is what I wrote about it then, 'a fantasy that was for adults in so far as some of the scenes are nightmarish indeed, but enjoyable to watch, the special effects pulling out all the stops, so be warned if you are going to show this to the kids, watch it first (beware of the twins) and a few nightmares might be avoided, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, if you have kids watch with caution', the 'star' of the the film, the house itself, which I had always thought was a house in the imagination of the film's makers, but I was so wrong, there is actual a abandoned home in Belgium that the house is based on, and here it is, the photographs were found via Tumblr, the mansion is near the village of Brasschaat, outside of Antwerp, Belgium,

the model was made by Michael DelPriore of Ryerson Studios, and you can watch the best-selling author, Ransom Riggs, confront the Real Haunted Houses from his book,
grab a coffee and enjoy the tour!

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