Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Today Whilst Diana Was At Work,

I had an appointment at the local hospital,

I made my way out of the park, the chestnut trees now in full flower,

the rhododendron in the garden of Foxgrove Lodge starting to open,

and unfortunately the wisteria at the front of the lodge now stating to loose its petals, I caught the 54 bus to the Beckenham Beacon as it is known, every year the National Health Service sends me a letter with a eye health questionnaire and an appointment to have a eye test and dilating drops put into to my eyes, so that photographs can be taken of them, apparently being diabetic can have a impact on a persons vision, this is an early test to make sure all is well, the photographs will be sent away for examination and my doctor informed over the next few weeks of the results,

 as it is next door I walked into Beckenham Recreation Ground,

with its strange looking gate house,

the park is nicely planted with trees,

in the distance a bowling green, tennis courts and other facilities,

it even has a band stand,

just a short walk away the shop, Kingfisheries,

but it was here I was walking to, This 'N' That, you my remember I had forgotten the name of the owner I always have a chat with,

and if you are thinking of having a look inside, and it is well worth it, if like myself you like antiques and things of yesteryear, here are the opening times,

and the lady herself Donna, arriving home Diana had made me a beef curry which I heated up, after which it was feet up for a Midsomer Murder, Diana arrived home just as it finished, which was nice as we could then continue to watch another episode of Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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