Saturday, 7 May 2022

You Guessed It,

as it was Diana's day off,

I took way too many photographs! so I have split this post into two halves, glad rags on,

and we were out,

it was a glorious day as we walked out of the park past Foxgrove Lodge,

on to a number 54 bus to start on one of our favorite journeys, upstairs at the front looking at the entrance to the park,

we soon passed Peter Pans Pool,

and entered Catford,

past the Catford cat, 

on the left,

and as we entered Lewisham that building that never seems to be finished,

the market in full swing,

I keep thinking I must stop at St. Margaret's churchyard to take a few infrared photographs,

we stayed on the bus at Blackheath village,

alighting at the church,

we made our way across the heath,

stopping for a pose or two,

the inscription where Diana was standing,

not as many crows as our last visit in March,

it was a baking hot day, and no ice cream vans!

on our left in the trees,

the crows were making a frightful noise,

nearly there,

past the gatehouse,

we then took a left,

into a part of the park we had not been to before,

it was a small garden at the rear of the public toilets,

with lots of rhododendrons,

that were putting on a good show,

like this one,

and this white one,

this part of the park seems to be over looked by many,

people wander in through the gate, spend a penny then leave without looking any further,

but behind the convenience there is this well maintained garden,

it even has a small rockery,

continuing around the circular walk,

I was amazed how big the garden was,

and not a visitor in sight,

nearly back to the entrance,

one last rhododendron to go past,

and nice it was too,

time for a pose,

as we started our walk to the viewing point,

the avenue of horse chestnut trees all in flower,

on both sides of the road,

in the shade,

time for a pose or two,

or three,

we stopped at The Pavilion café for our breakfast,

I found a table and waited for Diana,

who arrived with our meal,

and decided on a different table,

no prizes for guessing,

who had the cake for breakfast,

a croissant for myself,

a quick selfie,

and we were on our way, the day was not only hot, there was little or no dust in the air, the O2 crystal clear in the distance,

I liked the warming sign,

 outside of the takeaway,

time for a pose,

nowhere near as many sunbathers as our last visit,

but today is Friday, so I guess many people are at work,

time for a pose,

well I had to have one,

or two,

one more from Diana,

and a close up,

apart from the tower of Big Ben I guess this is one of the most photographed clocks in the UK

I just had to!

looking towards the river,

we made our way to the park gates,

which seemed pretty deserted,

as did the road leading away from the park,

in the far distance,

we crossed the road as a police car drove past,

and were looking at Goddard's at Greenwich the pie and mash restaurant bar none,

Diana remembering how delicious the pies were the last time we ate there,

we made our way into the covered Greenwich market,

so many stalls to look at,

with all manner of handicrafts for sale,

I had not seen this stall before, selling vintage London Transport signs,

considering it was a market day,

it was not as crowded as I thought it would be,

earrings are a magnet for Diana, but no purchases today,

this was a great stall for myself, I was intrigued by some of the images and had a chat with the owner Peter Thorne, some of his photographs looked like they had been taken with a infrared camera like the one I have, but no they were normal photographs that had been colour reversed and then superimposed on the original, they were for myself just so good, if you are in Greenwich give his stall a look, if only I could take photographs like he does! also if you are not in Greenwich and would like to see some of Peter's work have a look here at his Etsy page, and many thanks to Peter for taking the time to have a chat we me,

as I mentioned not the number of people here I would have expected,

vintage coins and banknotes, a draw for myself,

also for myself this is a fascinating shop,

it sells paper cutouts, that are fantastically detailed, amazing!

passing one of the ubiquitous Citroen food vans we started to walk towards the Cutty Sark, I am stopping the post here as if there are to many photographs it slows the posting down if you would like to see the rest of our day out please click on the 'Older Posts' button on the bottom right of the page.

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