Saturday, 7 May 2022

Leaving Greenwich Market,

we made our way to the Cutty Sark,

behind me,

something I would like to do,

even though I have a fear of heights,

I asked if Diana wanted to try, the answer was a definite no!

new for this visit there was a merry go round,

I had to take a few photographs,

of the horses,

the colours so bright in the sunlight,

and if you look carefully,

each horse is individually named,

their names on their necks,

this one leading the charge,

and not only horses,

but dragons as well,

looking back to the Cutty Sark,

some landlubbers were having fun, if you fancy walking the yardarm yourself have a look here,

we passed the entrance to the underground foot tunnel across the Thames,

and bought our tickets for the Uber water taxi,

well I had to!

that is where we will be boarding,

down the gangway,

looking across the Thames,

the other end of the foot tunnel,

our Uber arrived,

we were soon heading for the center of London,

as another vessel headed downstream,

we were both so happy, this is one of our favorite days out, bus to Blackheath, a walk to Greenwich, boat to London to have a walk around,

we neared St. Katherines dock,

past the Royal Navy building,

and a blocked waterway,

we were getting near now as we passed under Tower Bridge,

and the Tower of London,

with it's Traitors Gate,

another landmark coming into view,

the Walkie-Talkie building,

I almost missed Cleopatra's Needle,

and there it is, the tower of Big Ben,

so it was time to take to the jetty,

Diana was just a tad late,

to get into the photograph with no one else there,

and then I could not get back far enough to get all of the tower in the picture, it does not look it, but the place was packed with people,

tour buses a great way to see the town,

or you can hire your own transport,

a quick pose,

and we were downstairs under the colorful underground sign,

I was surprised to see such a nice show of flowers,

we took the tube to Hammersmith, and started walking,

we were heading for the river,

in the distance,

Hammersmith bridge,

we started walking away from the bridge, we were on a mission,

as we passed these rather nice riverside homes,

regular readers will know that we both love the television series New Tricks,

and many of them feature a couple of riverside pubs,

with this view,

and this is one of the pubs, The Rutland Arms,

before we sat down for our lunch I had a look up river,

and then below,

where mother goose was looking after her goslings,

we sat outside as it was such a nice day,


our food arrived, lasagne for Diana, 

fish and chips for myself,

Diana also had a coffee,

 the bill came to £49.00, the food excellent,

meal over we started walking back to the station a slightly different way to which we arrived, looking back to the bridge,

and pub,

a quick pose,

and we were on our way,

walking upstream,

as we walked,

we passed some really impressive homes,

like this one,

in the river,

some more modest dwellings,

looking back,

at the side of this home,

some wisteria and a plaque,

a quick pose,

and the plaque,

we made our way through a small park,

but before we arrived at the station, the lure of the shops was too much,

only a couple more to go,

at last!

Hammersmith station,

we are here,

our tube arrived,

several stops later we were at Victoria, then a real treat,

a full size living breathing steam train,


how many miles has this feat of engineering traveled?

it is a Merchant Navy class locomotive, as it happens the Merchant Navy class was the safest steam locomotive to be built for service in the UK

the locomotive was pulling a number of dining cars,

one day we will be sitting there, well I live in hope!

in no time we were walking back into the park,

what a wonderful day we had,

but for myself it was not finished, after a wash and brush up I was out,

passing the Pearl,

and the church,

to the bus stop by ASK Italian restaurant,

and this is where I was headed, the Moon & Stars in Penge, I meet up with Steve and we chatted the night away, after saying farewell I was on the 227 back to Beckenham,

past the graveyard and home where it was feet up for a nightcap, as we watched a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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