Tuesday, 3 May 2022

There Is Hope For Me Yet,

if I took up the 100 meter dash,

apparently 13.47 seconds is a good time, one that most 20-year-olds can only dream of beating, but here is the thing, at the Penn Relays athletic event last Thursday Michael Kish, a 70-year-old American runner did just that! although Michael Kish’s time isn’t anywhere near the all-time record for the 100-meter dash for men aged 70 or over set by fellow American, Bobby Whilden, at the 2005 Senior Olympics (12.77 seconds), it’s still a monumental achievement, one that has since won the praise of millions of people on social media,

 Kish only started using the running track at age 59, when someone advised him to check out the New Jersey Senior Olympics, He was already a force to be reckoned with in his early 60s, and was frequently placing on the podium in events for M65 events. In 2018, he was the fastest member of the men’s relay team at the World Masters Athletics in Malaga, as a commentator wrote, “I don’t even drive that fast,”  I have to admit that running is not my thing, but it just goes to show what determination can do, a big 'well done' to Michael and indeed all of the other competitors at the event.

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