Sunday, 8 May 2022

I Spent The Morning And Some Of The Afternoon,

publishing the blog,

note to self, do not take so many photographs! so it was quite late before I made a move to the shop, it was so sunny yesterday, but today grey skies,

I took the number 54 bus to the stop by This 'N' That, I called in and had a chat with the lady whose name I regret to say I have forgotten, if you are in the area the shop houses a treasure trove of vintage and veteran toys, glass, jewelry and all manner of bits and pieces from times past, well worth a visit,

next over the road to Kingfisheries

Graham mentioned that some lilies and koi had arrived, so out the back to have a look,

a full selection of lilies,

and a nice selection of koi,

if only we had a pond,

back to the bus stop on the other side of the road from This 'N' That,

I stopped off at Marks & Spencer's to buy my meal for this evening,

next stop the station, where I bought my tickets to visit Duncan on Wednesday,

walking into the park past Foxgrove Lodge I noticed a rhododendron was about to flower,

in a couple of days it should look nice,

back home and time for my evening read and sherry,

I still had some cold cuts along with beetroot, mini gherkins and sliver skin onions left over, so that was it.

followed by chilli-con-carne,

eyes down and tuck in, after Diana arrived home we had a huge cream filled chocolate cake each as we watched a documentary about one of our favorite television series Are You Being Served? we rounded the evening off with a couple from another television series that we both like, One Foot in the Grave, after which we were off to bed.

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