Thursday, 5 May 2022

I Was Out Before Diana,

who was on late shift,

I was on my way to the station,

the hedge now nicely trimmed back, hopefully walkers will not now walk on the grass verges and the spring flowers will come back,

passing Foxgrove Lodge,

the bluebells looking nice,

I had bought my train tickets last week, so today straight into the down side of the station,

no work on the foot bridge since last week,

changing trains at Bromley South I soon arrived at Sevenoaks,

making my way uphill,

past the bee flower bed,

round the corner,

and I was soon here at the nursing home where Duncan lives, we chatted away for a couple of hours until his lunch arrived,

then out and downhill to the station,

I stayed on the train, 

until I reached Ravensbourne station,

then into the park,

the last time I was here I took the pathway up the steps to the right,

today I turned left,

a part of the park I had never been to before,

the trail was parallel to the main pathway,

lots of trees,

but very few bluebells,

on my left one side of Crab Hill,

as the trail ended I made my way down to the main pathway,

looking across the field to the railway racks,

I made my way into a part of the park where we went on our last visit to look at the bluebells,

the good news,

they were still in flower,

lots of them,

I took a different path,

I had never been in this part of the park before,

and was rewarded with a few beds of bluebells I had not seen before,

the amazing thing was I had not seen anybody in all of this time,

I had all of this part of the park to myself, I then recognized where I was,

and came out of the woodlands just here on the side of Crab Hill,

it was all downhill now,

as I made my way,

to the gate that stops cars from entering this part of the park,

Westgate Road now totally dried out from the last time we were here,

on my way home, where I decide to print a sheet of the gift vouchers to show Graham on my next visit to the shop, but disaster struck, whilst my printer would print plain copy paper as soon as I put a sheet of glossy paper in the feed would not work, the printing would appear half way down the sheet, try as I might, changing the profile to glossy photo paper the paper feed would just not print the thicker photo paper, so that was that, next downstairs,

for my evening read and sherry, 'Cheers!',

for tonight Diana had bought me a selection of salami and cheese from Spain, Italy and Germany, plus beetroot, gherkins and coleslaw with a few biscuits,

all set to tuck in, later in the evening when Diana arrived home it was feet up for a Midsomer Murder followed by a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

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