Friday, 13 May 2022

It Was Diana's Day Off

so glad rags on,

and we were off,

but first a couple of poses, next a train from Beckenham Junction to Bromley South,

we waited for our second train in the platform's takeaway,

coffees bought,

before we were on the train to our final destination,

hot coffee and croissants as a snack, 

we were hurtling through Rochester,

and this is where we are going to spend the day, Broadstairs,

but I did not notice this blacksmiths on our last visit,

as we passed this charity shop,

I thought this dolls house looked rather nice,

at the same time we both said, "I can see the sea!"

and there it was,

a nice play on fish and chips and fishing!

as we went downhill on our right a charming tea room,

a quick pose,

as we crossed the road,

to the small alleyway that leads to the sea,

passing through it, behind us,

time for a pose,

we were at the top of the stairs, looking left,

then right at the beach, which had remarkably fewer people on it than our last visit,

well I just had to have a pose,

or two,

as did Diana,

we did not go down, we decided to walk a little along the road at the cliff top, where we saw this sign, maybe an idea for a future day out,

this I like, huge balcony's, so many time I have seen homes that face the sea that have such small balconies that a couple of chairs never mind a table as well fill them up,

a really quaint old shop,

I love this sort of thing where the original style of a shop or building has been kept,

at the end of the road, the town gardens,

the flowers putting on a good show,

which we both liked,

we walked back to the stairs,

Diana wanted just a couple more,

in case the first few did not come out,

looking down,

and towards the harbour arm,

we also had a pose,

by the lift, 

before we started walking back, 

towards and passing the town gardens,

it was nice, bright and sunny, with some cloud,

the clock tower, many of the municipal pieces of property like this and fences were being painted before the summer season,

we were on a spit of headland that separated this beach, which is only there at low tide, so we walked back to the steps down to it,

Diana under the clocktower,

has a pose,

looking out to sea,

I noticed this as the tide was going out.

back to a few poses,

well these things just have to be done,

by both of us!

a panorama from the cliff top,

one of the clock tower,

and one of myself from Diana's telephone,

down the stairs,

and road,

to the beach we have not been on before,

nearly there,

at the bottom a small café,

and it is here that the beach huts began,

another from Diana's telephone,

some of the huts had been painted with different colours,

so time for pose,

one hut had its own artwork,

seagulls, chips and Diana what a combination!

here were a couple more, 

pretty in blue and yellow,

looking back to where we had come down the stairs,

another piece of beach hut artwork,

the road turned to the left towards the main beach,

the tide had gone down a tad more exposing the square paddling pool which will be left with water as the tide recedes,

the main beach,

the restaurant on the harbour arm,

it was getting a little more cloudy, but still bright,

the lift where we were earlier,

the swings not yet ready, and the trampoline covers not yet fitted,

we thought about walking to the arm for our lunch,

as we passed a few more beach huts,

that did not look good as some dark clouds rolled over,

but as we neared the arm on our left there was a restaurant that we wanted go to the last time we were here, but it was packed, so we turned left, as there were now vacant tables, I am stopping here, because if there are too many photographs the post takes a long time to respond, also I am only making these two posts today, if you would like to see the rest of our day in sunny Broadstairs just click the 'Older Posts' button at the bottom right of the page.

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