Friday, 13 May 2022

The Second Part Of Our Day Out,

in sunny Broadstairs,

we were both hungry,

so into, 

there was a choice of downstairs seating,

or upstairs, we chose upstairs with a sea view, also we wanted to be outside, it was such a nice day,

I wandered in to order our drinks and noticed this, maybe one Sunday we might call back,

the nicely stocked bar,

I popped into the bar to order our drinks and took a menu back to Diana,

easy does it,

I did not spill a drop!

the agony of choice,

Cheers!' from Diana,

time to relax, 

Diana made this video from our table,

our lunch arrived,

a huge bowl of mussels for Diana,

a 'Cheers!', from myself,

before I tucked into my scampi and triple fried chips,

thankfully the clouds had passed,

it was time to tuck in,

looking down to the lower seating area,

plenty of room today,

Diana was hungry! the meal came to £49.00, the food and drink excellent,

we started to walk along the seafront,

looking back to the lift in the distance,

the paddling pool, now exposed by the receding tide,

the ice cream shop not yet open for the summer season,

but this shop was,

but I am not sure who would come here to buy a door, but there it is,

this is where we ate on our last visit here,

the tide really out now,

we passed the Boat House nautical gift shop,

and made our way along the Beach Road, looking back to town,

and towards the chalk cliffs,

out at sea a huge stationary windfarm, not a touch of wind today,

the cliffs in the distance,

I zoomed in,

a quick pose,

not that as a car driver you would ever want to hit a bollard,

these ones solid granite ones you would want to avoid like the plague!

another from Diana,

and I just had to,

it was a glorious day,

and the few grey clouds that were here slowly passed us by,

one more and we started our walk,

I guess it is safe and has been for so many years, but I would feel a little nervous living so close to a cliff edge,

below the homes some more beach huts,

this is where we are, Stone Bay,

I zoomed in on the huts,

as Diana took a photograph of myself,

then uphill,

and it was deceptively steep,

Diana took things easy,

I was getting puffed out as I neared the top,

 I figure that walking fast is good exercise,

looking behind Diana, if I was the lady with the wheelchair I think I might have walked to the lift!

at the top,

there were a few nice flowers on the cliff edge,

I am not sure what they are, but they looked nice,

having said that I think these ones,

are small or mini hollyhocks,

a last look out to sea,

as we made our way back into town, past I am guessing these fishermen's cottages,

one with this plaque on,

as we entered town Diana spotted the Beme Tea shop,

inside, tea ordered,

another old shopfront that I like so much,

I wandered over the road, looking back to Beme Tea, I noticed the shop next door,

this was more me, a champagne shop,

Diana's tea was finished so she took a photograph of myself over the road,

and this is Diana's tea,

we started walking back to the station,

what a wonderful day,

we passed The Thirty Nine steps which brought back memories of reading the book at school, but this was a pub, The Thirty Nine Steps,

a few stops for window shopping,

and we started up the hill, then a real surprise for myself, something I had not seen since the 1950s,

gypsy tarts, I had not seen one since I used to stay with my grandparents, when I was on school holidays and Mum and Dad had to work, and guess what? the shop was closed!

I had to stop and have a double take, a BMW motorcycle, but with exhausts coming out of one side,

I had not seen this feature on a BMW before, a very clever piece of exhaust engineering,

and there they are,

well I just had to have a pose,

nearly there,

up the stairs,

and over to the London line, we must remember the hourly train leaves just before the hour, and not arrive just past the hour!

we passed the submarine in the River Medway, before arriving at Bromley South and changing for the train to Beckenham Junction,

walking through the park we soon arrived home, where it was feet up for a coffee and couple from New Tricks before one from Silent Witness, what a wonderful day, hardly a breath of wind and not a drop of rain, next for us we were off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Dear Stanley and Diana-nice day trip for you folks. Glad you had good weather and also your train service was not interrupted !!!
Maybe things are “getting back on track!!!”
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, it was a perfect day for transport, weather and lunch, hopefully this summer will be kind to everyone, best regards, Stan and Diana.