Monday, 30 May 2011

Next Stop The Aquarium,

as with most of this type of aquarium there is a touch tank at the entrance,
no sooner seen than Diana was stroking puffers and rays, this was one of the smaller touch tanks,
there was a much larger one,
but only the small fish called by to say hello, there was also a shark feeding tank, but we had missed the show and the next one was not till the afternoon,
now here is a strange one, you can put your hand in the aquarium through the side of it and touch the fish, but the water does not spill out on to the floor, also the water does not flow out, the question the exhibit asks is how is it done and why does the aquarium not empty of water?
a stunning fish and invertebrate marine aquarium,
the aquarium that the water does not fall out of the side of has got these students guessing,
it looks good enough to eat!
a leafy sea dragon,
from Australia,
this shot is looking down on top of one of the tubes that we will be walking through,
and here we are in the tube,
so many fish to see,
now can I get one of these tubes in my house?
no I think just a bit too big,
jellyfish keeping is starting to take off, especially in the Far East,
shown off under coloured lamps they change colour as often as the lights do, from blue/black,
to pink,
and red,
the new camera being put through it's paces,
another highly desirable marine aquarium,
we were by now back to the beginning,
so around again, not exactly an Alaskan King crab, but you can guess what Diana is thinking, it involves a cooking pot!
once more into the tunnels,
there were a group of Filipinos in front of us so Diana did the honors of taking the group photos,
I wonder who is thinking of eating who?
the unicorn tang to the left if Diana in the picture strikes the pose at exactly the right time,
then to the dolphin show, there were so many kids here, but one thing that Diana picked up on was that with out any exceptions all conversations between teachers and pupils were always in English, we were both really impressed,
the new camera was performing better than expected I am happy to say,
as were the dolphins,
it was a short show but enjoyable neither the less,
then time to move on to other parts of the island,
but first a quick look at the turtles,
through a viewing panel under water,
the symbol of Singapore, the Merlion and Diana,
a quick pose,
then a walk into the square at the far end,
we thought about a chili burger,
but Diana noticed a Hershey's next door,
no contest!
Diana was in heaven,
so much chocalate, so little time before the next part of our trip!

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