Monday, 30 May 2011

Next Stop On The Island,

Universal Studios,
this place is huge, also in the high season it is 77 Singapore dollars entrance fee,
a good tip, get there early, most rides have 5 or at the most 10 minute queues, but a few hours later the queue for each ride was considerably longer, not to mention the heat of the midday sun,
but we made it early, so no queues for us,
there was hardly any one here,
all to ourselves!
so we walked towards the main ride area, along an avenue of gift shops and restaurants,
the Blues Brothers car, (no keys inside),
one of the many snack bars,
there were still a few pieces of work going on, but the overall effect was stunning,
still no people,
until we hit the main square,
a live group were singing East Coast numbers,
and very good they were too,
there was quiet a crowd here listening to them, I took a few pictures of some of the buildings,
the sign is self explanatory,
we decided on Egypt first, the sets huge,
by now there were a few more people about, but it was starting to get hot already,
we continued making our way round town,
past the Monster Rock,
we were by now a little hungry, so we popped into a burger bar, but try as we might we could not get served, the que went down to just a few people in front of us, the the service staff just well disappeared, after waiting 15 minutes we decided we had enough of no service and left, but I felt sorry for the people who had paid and not received their food, they just had to wait or lose their money, such a shame,
so another little walk,
the attention to detail was every where,
there were also a few animatronics, if you call them that, to be photographed with,
then to the main rides, now here is one that both Diana and myself did not want to try,
look carefully at the passengers, are they upside down, or down side up?
back to the Egypt section, the Mummy series,
inside the pyramid,
and outside by Akhenaten's queen Nefertiti,
the work that must have gone into these, I mean in ancient times with out the use of modern day tools is mind boggling,
then to a favorite of ours, the Jurassic Park compound,
they even had a Pterodactyl ride,
water rides too, but you will get wet,
then from Shrek, the castle Far, Far Away,
Diana strikes the pose,
we had watched Madagascar only a few days before we left, nice to see King Julien here,
we were by now back to the burger bar,
where this trio were wowing the crowd,
great show, it was well received by all,
then we found one of Diana's favorites, look out for the bubbles for there was a KFC!
by now we were hot and trired, a great day out for both of us,
as an aside the Singapore Aquarium is being made larger, this is the work in progress,
viewed from the cable car, although large, it has 82 meter of underwater tunnel, our taxi driver told us the area of the new one is going to be 10 times bigger! on the way back to the mainland we pass the container dock area,
after all of that walking a cool, beer at the bar next to the hotel is the order of the day.

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