Saturday, 14 May 2011

We Had A Quiet Day,

Phil called round for a cuppa or two and a chat,
then it was glad rags on,
we were out for a party, to the Moon River Pub, it is on Pattaya North,
we were the first there as usual, so 'Cheers!' from me,
the occasion was that it was Precil's birthday, Diana, Precil and Anchisa,
Jay decided on a whole lot of beer, plus a bottle of vodka, the beer cooler became my new best friend!
Mike and Slim Jim were also here,
along with Claire and Maricel and of course birthday girl Precil,
on the other side of the table Anchisa, Riza and Diana,
the entertainment was by a Filipino group, Mike mentioned that they had been performing here for more than 8 years,
another 'Cheers!' this time with Jay,
some of the girls having a great time,
as were we!
the happy couple,
all smile!
Mark was also here, we were at the 'boys' end of the table,
next the food arrived,
prawn cocktail for Anchisa,
Spagheti bolognese for Claire and Tacos for Maricel,
although I think Riza had the salmon,
Jay and Mike had a couple of Italian dishes,
and Mark a Mexican one,
along with Slim Jim,
one of the singer called over to say Hi,
then the cake arrived for birthday girl Preicil,
one, two, three,
and make a wish!
next, cut the cake,
and serve,
Slim Jim receives a thank you for Precil's present as we all did,
then more presents,
and even more!
the Filipino band called over to wish Precil a Happy Birthday,
then it was tequila time!
Riza and Mike,
Anchisa and Mark,
after a few more Margaritas, the party was getting into swing!
naturally we stayed cool, calm and collected,
not so the girls!
the bar tenders were bring the drinks as fast as they could,
see what I mean?
then another round of tequilia, I had never seen Diana drink so much!
she must have had a lot to drink,
I could see three of her! after a few dances, it was time to go, Mike very kindly drove us all home, a big thank you to Jay for treating all of us and a big Happy Birthday to Precil, for us it was time for bed.

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