Sunday, 8 May 2011

Go To Your Nearest Tap, Light A Match Place It Next To The Running Water,

if it catches fire, your water supply has probably been polluted, when I first read the above I thought it was a late April Fools day joke, water from your domestic tap igniting when you put a naked light next to it? but it appears it does happen, the pollution is caused by a natural-gas extraction process called fracking, the process, is a proven technological advancement which allows natural gas producers to safely recover natural gas from deep shale formations, fracturing has been used by the natural gas and oil industry since the 1940s and has become a key element of natural gas development worldwide, properly conducted modern hydraulic fracturing is a safe, sophisticated, highly engineered and controlled procedure,

but fears following the burning water have led to a call for this practice to be banned in the UK, Tyndall Centre report stated that extraction plans underway in Lancashire would pose a serious risk of contaminating ground and surface waters, I still cannot imagine water from the tap burning, well I mean it would put the fire services at a bit of a disadvantage, pouring inflammable water on a fire?

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