Thursday, 16 November 2017

I Thought That This Looked Neat,

an indoor light/water fountain,

 engineer Stephen Co has produced a design that combines this natural tranquillity with a mesmerising light show, called Aquarius,

  the flowing water has a shape-shifting appearance that changes colours, all within a sleek design that will fit comfortably in your home,

 the liquid in the Aquarius indoor water fountain can take many forms, “Users can watch streams of water bend, change colours, freeze in place, rise upwards against gravity, split off into multiple streams, and even display effects such as volcanic lightning or the Northern Lights!”

 so, how does this effect happen? 

 by using 60 individually addressable LED lights, some or all of the bulbs can be set at a frequency range of 75-100 Hz and projected against a stream of liquid, since they reflect at various times and places, it creates the illusion of an animation, with the addition of colours, it creates complex hues as well as multi-coloured streams,

while the water and its animations are Aquarius' most defining feature, there is more than one way to enjoy the product, it has a standby mode that stops the flow of water and turns it into an accent or night light, 

there are a number of different settings the light can be programmed to perform,

Ambience: A water-less standby mode that acts as an ambient night/mood/accent light slowly fading in and out.
Helix: A single white stream that slowly rises, freezes, falls and repeats.  Clean, simple, and modern.
Double Helix: 2 Helix streams with ever changing colors.
Spectrum: A 3 stream display of high contrasting gradient hues.
Volcanic Lightning: Experience momentary lightning strikes amidst a volcanic storm palette.
Chaos Theory: Random colours, random number of streams, random directions.  Anything is possible when everything is random.
Ghost: Streams vanish and appear out of thin air.
Unicorn: A radiant rainbow display of colours.
Crossing Streams: Streams move unrestricted even against each other.
Northern Lights: A Northern Lights display right in your own home!

Tropic: 7 individual back-to-back streams with a tropic flair.

Aquarius is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, and no I am not on commission, I just thought it looked neat.

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