Friday, 2 October 2020

It Was Diana's Day Off,

so glad rags on,

for Diana,

and myself, 

for today,

we were going to London,

Diana looking as lovely as ever, without,

and with a mask,

of course I had to wear one as well,

selfies just do not seem the same with masks on,

but there it is,

we had a couple of tube lines to take,

eventually arriving here,

at Marylebone station, 

and this is where we were going, the Landmark Hotel,

a quick pose at the entrance,

and then time for our masks,

as we entered and made our way to the restaurant,

which in the distance,

looked more than very impressive,

and it was,

with several huge palms in the atrium,

we made ourselves comfortable,

looking forward to our afternoon cream tea,

Diana had changed her hairstyle for today, and nice it looked too,

we ordered an orange juice for Diana,

 and a vodka soda for myself, as I tried not to smile,

because I looked pretty awful with missing teeth!

 bubbly was served,

and somebody just had to have a sip of genuine bubbly,


time for tea,

to go with the first round of sandwiches,

and another sip,

before we started on the sandwiches,

'Cheers!', from me,

perfect, as it happened we were both hungry, 

so a extra round of sandwiches for each of us was ordered,

 trying not to smile, everything was just so nice,

one more tea for myself,

to go with the scones,

Cornish cream and raspberry jam,

and cakes, 

first the scones,

careful not to get jam on the tie,

then on to the cakes, which looked and were delicious,

what a selection, we actually had a few left over, no prizes for guessing what we will be snacking on tonight!

after our cream tea we made our way upstairs,

for a few photographs,

and a couple very kindly took this one for us,

all set and we were off,

with our cakes to Marylebone tube station,

which was nearly never built, all because of cricket!

we arrived home in the early evening, where Diana spent some time making this video of our day,

which I thought was really nice, if you have a good Internet connection you can go to settings and watch it in HD, then time to start packing for Sunday's trip, we had the cakes for a late evening meal, after which we snacked on cobnuts, as a Midsomer Murder passed by, followed by one from New Tricks, what a lovely day, and with that we were off to bed.

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