Sunday, 31 May 2015

Cast Your Mind Back To When You Were At School,

in my day the front of the class had a blackboard on it,

do schools still use blackboards today or have the Health and Safety brigade banned them for all of the chalk dust students and teachers inhale? anyway they have them in Japan, over the past 2-3 years there’s been an increasingly popular trend amongst students there to take advantage of their drawing skills and classroom facilities, during breaks between lessons students have been creating immense artworks on classroom blackboards using nothing but the chalk provided to them and some leftover from the previous lesson, the pictures often get posted to social media and go viral, above the blackboard art of Mt. Fuji created by 2 students at Mito Sakuranomaki High School in Ibaraki, 

earlier this year Nichigaku decided to call for submissions and host a Blackboard Art contest, the call for entries this year yielded 50 entries from 249 students, and the results were just announced earlier this year, Nichigaku awarded winners with gift certificates of up to 100,000 yen in value, above, an honourable mention went to 5 students from NSG-Highschool Niiza Saitama who created this monotone mural of crossroads,

the use of coloured chalks are also permitted, I like this one, it is as if the blackboard is looking at the teacher and students behind him, which won 2nd place for this mural created by 4 students at Omiya Koryo High School, you can see all 50 entries to the Blackboard Art contest here, blackboard art, I would never have thought it.

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