Monday, 25 May 2015

I Had A Look At The Cactus,

some of which had grown a flower or two,

 it is a pity that they do not last longer,

 just a few days and the show will be over,

 but there it is,

the moon cactus seem to be doing well, 

 when I buy a few more I will use one of the spare containers I have to make a mini garden of them,

 I then drove over to Pattaya Tai which was almost deserted,

 just a few cars and bikes,

 this is the shop I was going to,

 we wanted to buy some orchids,

for the table,

 as we were eating our Sunday lunch at home,

 the fish were getting excited,

 they all know that they will receive,

 a few extra feeds as we give them some green peas which they love,

 'Cheers!', I had the full Sunday roast, pig in a blanket, lamb chop and vegetables,

 Diana decided on something totally different,

 she had made some tacos which she said were delicious, but on Sunday given a choice for me a roast every time,

 we followed the meal with a apple and current crumble,

 and spent the rest of the afternoon listening to music, in the evening we watched a few shows on TMN cable, then for us we were off to bed.

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