Friday, 29 May 2015

I Guess We Have All Seen Executive Toys,

most of which do not actually do anything,

 but here is one that is useful, 

this device is capable of downloading information about upcoming weather off the Internet, which it then translates into a variety of modes to replicate sunshine, clouds, rain, and even lighting, so without leaving your desk or looking on the Internet you can see exactly what the weather outside is doing,

the Tempescope is a novel device designed by Ken Kawamoto that displays the upcoming forecast by simulating weather conditions inside a small translucent box,

Kawamoto made an early version of the device available as a free open-source project called OpenTempescope so you can try building your own, but a consumer version is planned for Kickstarter later this year, just a thought, I wonder if you can program it to show the weather of where you might be going later in the day?

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