Sunday, 24 May 2015

Whilst Playing With The Camera,

I found a couple of pictures,

   that had some how found their way on to the internal camera memory card that we had not seen before, the first is of Sandio with the chocolate Easter egg that Nick and Maureen had brought from the UK for all of the kids,

the second of myself and Daisy May with an ice cream each,

 on to today, at 09.30 sharp the bugmen called by as promised, I think our next door neighbour will be asking them to call as she popped outside to chat to them, during the day Jay called by with his new girlfriend on a break from their home in Cambodia, so we chatted the afternoon away,

 on to the evening for our romantic candle lit bar-b-q, a starter of garlic bread,


 time for a top up, the strange thing is this barrel always seems full,

 first course, chicken and sweetcorn soup,

 which this week Diana added a few spices and herbs to which made a pleasant change,

 another 'Cheers!', 

 time to lite the bar-b-q which for some reason had an eerie green glow to it,

 but it soon caught and there were flames everywhere,

 and for tonight we had bought two huge pork chops,

 that Diana had marinated and a baked potato,

 so time to tuck in,

 I should also have mentioned that Diana had roasted lots of crackling in the oven as we bought some slices of pork belly, but they were so delicious I had eaten all but one of them by the time the chops were served,

and to round off the meal a magnum each, later in the evening Barry called past for a wine and a chat, after saying our farewells we settled down to an evening of music, I am not sure how Diana managed it but she had downloaded the soundtrack to The Grand Budapest Hotel for me on to my mobile telephone, so naturally we listened to that and many more tracks, I should point out that we have a small Bluetooth speaker that improves the sound from the telephone, next inside at nearly midnight one episode from Boardwalk Empire and we were off to bed.

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