Sunday, 24 May 2015

I Had Always Thought That When You Are Out And About,

and needed to use a public toilet,

you put your shopping or what ever down, attended to your needs, picked up your shopping after washing your hands and away you went, but it appears that some police officers are having to be trained in bathroom etiquette, armed police officers in Washington DC are being trained on how to use public toilets, without leaving guns behind, the US Capitol police have accidentally left their guns in the building's toilets three times in 2015, the officers involved have been disciplined, one gun was found by a child, "We are now providing additional training on what to do when you have to go to the bathroom," 

Capitol Police Chief Kim C Dine told Congress, the Capitol Police are responsible for protecting senators, congressmen and women, other staff and visitors to the Capitol in Washington DC, they also police the Capitol grounds and the surrounding area, hopefully this is just a few isolated incidents by the US Capitol police and not a nationwide problem, I mean can you imagine the cost of training every police officer in the US how to use a bathroom?

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