Friday, 29 May 2015

We Were Off Early,

for a days fishing,

 arriving at the fishing park,

 we were meet with blue skies,

 and hardly a breeze, it was going to be a hot day,

 on the other side of the lake one of the many lotus was in flower,

 all settled down it was a waiting game,

 we were with Nick and Maureen as usual,

 after some time one of the lakes cats joined us,

 which was strange,

  as they do not normally appear until we have caught a fish and it is cooked,

but today they arrived before we had caught a thing,

 I wandered over to the main building to see how the kitten was,

 and was surprised to see two of them, I had thought there was only one,

 the second one definitely the runt of the litter, it was very unsteady on it's pins,

 unusual only one dragonfly hovering around today,

 the fishing was very slow, just a few bites all day, then just before we made a move for home I managed to catch one, a keeper so we took it home with us as it was too late to cook it at the lake, that is the way the day ended 1-0 to me,

 if you want to fish here, it is the Mamak fishing park, their map above, it is off of Soi Nub Plan Wan, (spelt as it sounds), turn into the Soi from Sumkivitt, once in the Soi go over the railway crossing and continue for a couple of miles, the road starts to go downhill, near the bottom of it you will see the road the fishing park is in on the right hand side, almost opposite the big pink building on the left, follow that for a while, it twists and turns a bit and the fishing park is on the left next to a soccer ground, there are rods and tackle for hire and bait to buy, plus a fridge full of beer!

 we arrived back at Nick and Maureen's home,

 the bananas that were on the plant on our last visit had been cut down as they were ripe,

 just outside of their home a flame tree, (Delonix regia),

 was putting on a good show,

 the upper branches,

 a riot of reds and orange colours,

 it was almost impossible to make out the individual blooms,

 we sat outside eating a snack of vegetable spring rolls, then on to our evening meal,

Nick had cooked a delicious Indian curry,

 so it was eyes down and tuck in, we followed the meal with cheese and biscuits and an ice cream for Diana.

then the serious part of the evening, I had such good fortune, a couple of times I said a number out loud and against all odds the number came up, the result of which was that I won almost in record time, we past the evening chatting away then after thanking Nick and Maureen for their hospitality we made a move for home,

so it was feet up for a vodka soda or three as we watch another episode of Boardwalk Empire which was excellent then for us we were off to bed.

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