Saturday, 30 May 2015

There Are So Many Parts Of The World,

that have no Internet,

so how to remedy this problem? Google takes to the air, April 2014 goggle bought Titan Aerospace, the company was to create a high-flying, long-endurance drones that could deliver the internet to parts of the world where it did not exist, drones like the Solara 50, it is designed to work best at high altitudes, there with solar panels covering the majority of its 50-foot wingspan, the plane is intended to spend most of its flight time at 65,000 feet, at that altitude it is mostly above other air traffic, above weather and free from the ambient risks inherent in skybound travel, once in place it’s supposed to stay airborne for up to five years, operating as a high-altitude satellite more than an active plane, so earlier this month on May Day, a Google-owned drone was up, up and away and down again as it crashed shortly after take off, though the news is just coming to light this week, thankfully no one was injured in the crash somewhere in the sands east of Albuquerque, but dreams of sky-relayed internet planes are at the least a little deferred, the National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the crash, has not yet published a report on the incident, so no one knows what went wrong, oh well back to the drawing board! 

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