Thursday, 21 May 2015

I Have Written Many Times Before,

that electrics and myself do not get on,

 and today was no exception, one of the bulbs in the living room had failed, so eventually I decided to replace it, I thought what could possibly go wrong? making sure it was the same voltage as the one I removed I replaced it and with a drum roll on the coffee table and a ta-ta-ta-da-dah! from me Diana switched the lights on, with an almighty bang the bulb exploded and took out the other 4 lights on the circuit, the breaker in the main fuse box had not tripped, I tried replacing some of the now defunct bulbs getting increasingly hot and sweaty until I gave up, from now at night we will be sitting in total darkness in the living room, still it will be a bit romantic watching television by candlelight, moving on, after a shower it was glad rags on, 

 and we were out for an evening meal, to the Steak & Co restaurant on Soi Lengkee,

 there is seating outside,

 but we chose to sit in the air-conditioned interior,

 the last time we were here the walls had multiple television screens,

 which did not suit the ambiance of the restaurant at all, they have now been replaced with pictures, which for Diana and myself is a huge improvement,

 we were severed with some fresh bread as an appetiser,

then our starters arrived, 

Diana chose the crab & avocado, white crab meat served on a bed of avocado & chopped apple mix, lime juice & roast pepper,

for myself one of the two favourite dishes for me in all of Pattaya, lobster bisque soup here at Steak & Co, I had been looking forward to this dish all week,

this was followed by a complimentary sorbet,

 after a break we then started on our main courses,

Diana chose a black Angus filet mignon steak weighing in at 200g, wrapped in bacon served with her choice of a side dish,

 of sauteed mushrooms & peppercorn sauce,

for myself,

  I treated myself to a Jack Creek 'Wagyu' rib-eye steak at 250g, with a marbling score of 5,

  served with onion rings, I decided against any sauce, both of our steaks were delicious, I mean really delicious, so easy to cut and what a flavour, well worth worth paying a little extra for,

 it was then a trip to the dessert cabinet,

I was full to bursting, but Diana was not!

 Gerry, the executive chef had called by a couple of time to enquire if everything was to our satisfaction, which was a nice touch, he made a recommendation to Diana, and this was it,

 to my shame I do not know what it is called, but if you see it in the dessert cabinet Diana highly recommends it!

 we finished our meal with two complimentary drinks, what a wonderful night out,

 this is the restaurants card, we did not book as we were very early at 6.30,

but we did notice that when we left almost every table was taken, so it might be an idea to book if you are late dinners,

 after leaving we made our way down to Soi Bukaow,

where we picked up a yellow and blue taxi to take us home, then feet up, a night cap, a bit of candlelight television and then for us we were off to bed.

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