Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Have You Ever Thought About Painting Stones You Find On The Beach?

no, well I had not either,

but Australian award-winning artist Elspeth McLean has, 

she has a passion for colour and detail has evolved into a unique style of painting she describes as 'Dotillism',

in what she calls Mandala Stones, McLean collects beach stones and uses them as her canvas to create intensely colourful and intricate artworks made entirely out of dots,

Elspeth only uses acrylic paints and a paintbrush to create her beautiful works, sealing the stones with varnish to protect them,

the artist’s Mandala Stones literally sell out within seconds of posting them on her Etsy page,

they are hugely popular with over one million people looking at the pictures of her artwork, demand far outstrips supply, if you want the up to date news on how to buy a stone or two starting at $80 each have a look here.

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