Saturday, 30 May 2015

This Is In The,

'what a neat idea' department,

 but firstly what is it? I do enjoy a cup of fresh coffee, but the thought of paying hundreds of pounds for a coffee making machine has always put me off the idea, then along comes the Aozora Coffee Press it is sort of like a miniature, portable French Press,

there are 2 main detachable parts, the plunger and barrel, simply add your favourite coffee beans (coarsely ground) into the barrel and you have a instant coffee kit,

all you have to do is heat a cup of water, immerse the coffee press and wait 4 minutes, then push the plunger down and you have a delicious cup of instantly-brewed coffee, the Aozora Coffee Press is available from Japanese design label koncent for 900 yen, a little under £5.00 or just over $7.00, what a neat idea, I wonder if they will be available elsewhere soon?

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