Sunday, 31 May 2015

This Is In The 'Never Do This At Home' Department,

I happened across this,

as I was looking for something totally different, but it is so frightening I thought I would post it, it shows just how dangerous putting out an oil fire in the home kitchen can be, the cooking oil is in a small saucepan where it over heats and catches fire, the natural thing to do would be to throw water on to it, but what ever you do, do not! just a mug of water thrown at the blazing oil explodes into a fireball, the slow motion part of the video is an example of what would happen in your kitchen if you did so, the basic problem is that the water would go through the boiling oil, as soon as the water touches the bottom of the pan it immediately boils throwing the oil into the air, the action starts about one minuet thirty seconds in, when you get to that part just think this is a small saucepan about half full of burning oil, added to it just a mug of water, imagine the mess a deep fat fryer would make with a litre or two of oil, a must see video for everyone.

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