Sunday, 24 May 2015

If Someone Says To You,

'shall we go to the park today?'

be a little bit wary if you live in Portland, Oregon and the park is named Mills End Park, because it is small, this is it above, in 1946, Dick Fagan, a journalist in Portland, Oregon, noticed that there was a hole in the median of a street where a lamppost used to stand, He decided to put it to good use by building a park there. Fagan named it Mills End Park after the title of his regular newspaper column, Mills End, the City of Portland acquired it in 1976, so it’s an official city park, Parks and Recreation workers tend to it carefully, according to Oregon Live, Mill Ends is weeded, watered, planted and maintained like every other park in our National Gold Medal-winning system," Mike Abbaté, director of Portland Parks & Recreation, wrote to the challenger, the park was dedicated to Fagan, an Irishman, on St. Patrick's Day 1948,

"It has a small size but a huge history and legacy in our city," Abbaté says, "Mill Ends is revered by thousands, and has been for years, it is an important leprechaun sanctuary, the only such site west of Ireland, and we treasure it as a valued Portland park, as for the 'world's shortest fun run,'" Abbaté adds, "a simple lap around Mill Ends Park will accomplish that record as well." on Monday, Mark Ross, media relations with Parks & Rec completed the first world's shortest fun run, He confirmed Tuesday that he dropped the mic upon completion.

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